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Wren is a web app that makes it easy to offset your carbon footprint. Our mission is to build tools that help everyone act against climate change. We're starting with a subscription service that offsets your footprint because it's a simple and direct way to take action against climate change.

Starting with a subscription service has the added advantage of funding our future work. Climate change is an urgent problem that we need to address immediately, which means putting 100% of our minds to it. We believe the most effective way we can build a team to tackle this problem is to build a sustainable business.

In a very recent comment on social media, one disappointed user of Wren said" "Had a tough time setting up my account and giving you my money, so onboarding flow could use some attention. After I was able to sign up and set up my subscription the profile page continuously errored out. Keep it up though can’t wait to see you scale your impact!"


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